Welcome to Oscarl Sales.

Our goal is to provide our customer with the best services and products to
fulfill their needs.

Whether you are looking for a product, or looking for someone to
represent your company, we offer flexible business formats to please any
needs. We can help you grow your company or simply help you find what
you are looking for. We have the contact resources for product distribution,
sales representation and warehousing.

We also sell most of the products we distribute out of our location which
is located just outside of Sturgeon Falls . Owned and operated by Oscar
and Carl Parent, this father and son team has been working together to
serve your needs.

Created in July of 2006, Oscarl Sales strives to be a diverse company that
could offer multiple products to appeal to both the consumer and the
reseller. Whether you are looking for a special car or any type motorized
recreational vehicle, we can certainly help you.

If you haven't guessed by now, how we came up with our business name.
Take a good look at it. Oscar and Carl put together makes "OSCARL".
Plus the three letters that stand out the most in our logo,  our favorite of all

Can't find something, give us a call or send us an e-mail. We would love
to help.
See our contact page.
About Our Business
Our products are great
We help distribute inexpensive fun
Can't find something, let us try
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    under construction and so is our business. Send us your comments and requests. There
    are more and more pages and pictures to come.

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